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Weight Loss

Why you Shouldn’t Count Calories
Weight Loss Plateaus
Low-carb diets and weight loss
Do Calories Count?
Why you shouldn’t count calories
Weight Loss
Carbs and Weight Loss
Weight Loss Isn’t Everything
Weight Loss Plateaus
How We Get Fat
Weight Loss Without Exercise
Leptin: The Appetite Hormone
Managing Leptin Levels
Menopause and weight, Part 1 and Part 2
Paleo Weight Loss: What to Expect
Measuring Paleo Weight Loss
Paleo weight loss for women, Part 1 and Part 2
Why you need to sleep to lose weight
Paleo, Snacking, and Weight Loss
Why Paleo has benefits beyond weight loss
Obesity, Diabetes, and Autoimmunity
Weight Loss and Fruit
Digestive Symptoms AND Trouble Losing Weight?
What you Should Know About Starvation Mode
What if I’m On Medication that Causes Weight Gain?
Help! Why am I Gaining Weight on Paleo?
Yo-Yo Dieting: Dangerous Even at a Normal Weight
5 Things that Don’t Cause Obesity
5 Things to Know About Breakfast and Weight Loss
The Protective Role of Subcutaneous Fat, and What That Means for Fat (“Weight”) Loss
Understanding Insulin
In Defense of Exercise for Weight Loss
How and Why to Get Comfortable with Hunger
Paleo after Weight-Loss Surgery
Low-carb Diets for Weight Loss
Paleo, Epigenetics, and Weight
All About Belly Fat
Nutrient Deficiencies and Obesity
Body Fat Percentage
Managing a Weight Regain
Water Weight
Weight Loss and metabolism, part 1
Sleep, Weight, and your Gut: It’s All Related
Why the Paleo Template Works
Food, Weight, and your Brain, in Pictures
Sleep vs. Superfoods for Weight Loss
Genetics aren’t Destiny for Weight Loss
Vitamin D and Sunshine for Weight Loss and Metabolic Health
4 Problems that could Sabotage your Food Decisions
Do Smaller Plates and Bowls Really Help you Eat Less?
Beige Fat
Losing Fat, Not Just “Weight”
GLP-1: Another Hormone Making the Case for Paleo
6 Things to Know about the Glycemic Index
Recent News about Cravings, Obesity, and the Brain: A Deeper Look
Oxytocin and Weight

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